Canon PIXMA TS3355: One of the Best Wireless Inkjet Printer

One of the most reasonably priced multi-function printers we’ve ever seen, the Canon PIXMA TS3355 was introduced as a part of Canon’s new “back to school” line. Although it may not be the quickest printer we’ve tested, it still manages to offer a wide range of connectivity and printing functions, making it a practical choice for students and home users who need to print documents like reports, images, and other types of paperwork.


  • Specs for the Canon Pixma TS3350 MkII
  • A4 multipurpose printer with a resolution of 1200 dpi
  • Scanner/Copier: 600×1200 dpi
  • sixty A4-sheet trays
  • A4, A5, B5, 4x6in, and 5x5in paper sizes are supported.
  • USB, WiFi, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print connectivity
  • Size (HxWxD): 145x435x316mm, weight: 3.9kg

Black ink costs £21.99 for the larger XL cartridges, which print 300 pages. The cost is now 5.5p, which is still rather expensive for straightforward mono printing. However, color printing is more cost-effective because a 300-page XL color cartridge costs £21.99, which reduces the price to 7.3p per color page.

CANON PIXMA TS3355: One of the Best Wireless Inkjet Printer

Additionally, Canon offers multi-packs that include both black and tri-color cartridges. Canon’s XL multipack is more alluring than the standard-size multipack, which isn’t a particularly fantastic deal. The XL multi-pack costs £42.49 and includes 50 sheets of 4×6 postcard paper in addition to 400 mono pages (2.7p per page) and 300 color pages (10.5p). If you’re going to print a lot of selfies for the Christmas party season, this will be a smart alternative.

Operating Costs:

As is frequently the case, purchasing replacement ink cartridges for inexpensive printers like the TS3350 MkII might come with a severe sting in the tail. With the TS3350, that is definitely the case, particularly if you purchase the smallest, standard-size cartridges.

The TS3350 only requires two ink cartridges: one carries black ink, while the other two colors are included in a “tri-color” cartridge (cyan, magenta, and yellow). Black ink standard-size cartridges cost £15.49, and tri-color cartridges cost £19.49. Only 180 pages can be printed from each cartridge, which comes out at a staggering 8.6p for monochrome printing and a barely passable 10.8p for color.

With bright, rich colors and a keen eye for detail, color printing is also quite good for such a cheap printer. The TS3350 will be fine for printing up selfies or a few graphs and charts for a school report. The contrast could be a little crisper, but that’s a lot to ask for a printer costing less than £40.

However, color printing is somewhat poor, with our tests yielding a speed of only 3 ppm versus Canon’s already low-ball claimed speed of 4 ppm. In addition, printing a single 4×6 postcard took a full two minutes, indicating that the TS3350 is more suited for sporadic home use than daily production of page after page.


The TS3350 MkII’s high resolution guarantees that the text, graphics, and photographs it produces are of great quality. The text output is especially clear and sharp; it can actually compete with laser printing in terms of quality.

It’s not very quick; Canon claims mono output at 7.7 pages per minute (ppm), but our tests only managed to reach 6ppm. However, that is OK for sporadic use at home when you are occasionally printing letters or other text documents.


The ‘TS3350 Black model is the one we’re reviewing, and at first glance, we assumed it was just a straightforward black-and-white printer. That only applies to the printer’s color, as it is also offered in white (TS3351) and red (TS3352).

And it turns out that for the incredibly low price of just £39.99, the TS3350 MkII does actually offer a full-color multi-function printer with scanner and copier features. Both Canon and Amazon sell it.

However, for some reason, the TS3320 model is sold in the US for a little higher price of $79, while the red model is available on Amazon for just $49 and costs only $39 from Canon.

Concept & Features

The TS3350 MkII is a cost-effective color inkjet printer with a variety of uses and a print resolution of 1200×4800 dpi. With a resolution of only 600x1200dpi, the flatbed scanner is less powerful but should still be sufficient to scan occasional papers or pictures for school projects.

It can print on a wide range of papers and other media, including the unique, square 5x5in photo papers and stickers from Canon, and it includes a 60-sheet rear paper tray. With USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, AirPrint for Apple mobile devices, and Google Cloud Print for Android, connectivity is also good for a printer that is so inexpensive.

Additional software, such as a basic photo editor, is available for free download when downloading the primary printer driver, along with Canon’s own PRINT app, which offers more precise settings for printing and scanning.

However, there are some indications of cost-cutting. We discovered that when changing paper types, we had to enter the new paper size both in the printer driver software on our laptop and on the printer itself. This required squinting at the tiny 1.5in control screen while constantly tapping a button to cycle through the numerous paper selections.

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There is no SD card slot for printing from a memory card, nor is there automatic duplex (two-sided) printing. However, given the printer’s extremely low price and the fact that it should be able to handle the majority of papers and creative projects you throw at it, these are minor nits.