Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733: A Versatile and Efficient All-in-One Printer

The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733 is a feature-rich all-in-one printer designed to meet the demanding needs of modern offices. Combining high-quality printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities, this versatile device offers a reliable and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes. With its advanced technology, user-friendly interface, and impressive performance, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733 stands out as an excellent choice for professionals seeking a powerful and cost-effective printing solution.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733

1. Superior Print Quality

When it comes to print quality, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733 delivers exceptional results. Equipped with PrecisionCore® technology, this printer ensures sharp and vibrant prints with precise detail. Whether you need to print professional documents, marketing materials, or high-resolution images, the WF-3733 produces output that exceeds expectations.

Fast Printing Speeds

The WF-3733 boasts impressive printing speeds, allowing you to tackle large print jobs quickly and efficiently. With speeds of up to 20 pages per minute (ppm) for black and color prints, you can maximize productivity without sacrificing quality. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to rapid printing with the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733.

2. Versatile Document Handling

This all-in-one printer offers versatile document-handling features that streamline your workflow. The WF-3733 comes with a 35-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) for quick and easy scanning, copying, and faxing of multi-page documents. Additionally, it supports automatic duplex printing, saving you time and resources by printing on both sides of the paper.

Automatic Document Feeder

Large Paper Capacity

With a generous 500-sheet paper capacity, the WF-3733 allows you to handle large print jobs without constant paper replenishment. This feature is particularly beneficial for busy offices with high printing demands. Additionally, the printer supports various paper sizes and types, including envelopes and labels, providing flexibility for your printing needs.

3. Enhanced Connectivity Options

The WF-3733 offers a range of connectivity options, ensuring seamless integration into your existing office setup. It supports both wired and wireless connections, allowing you to connect and print from multiple devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Whether you prefer USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or mobile printing, this printer has you covered.

Mobile Printing

With the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733, you can take advantage of convenient mobile printing capabilities. Using the Epson iPrint app or other compatible mobile printing solutions, you can easily print documents and photos directly from your smartphone or tablet. This feature is especially useful for on-the-go professionals who need to print important materials while away from their desks.

Epson iPrint app

4. Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

In addition to its impressive performance, the WF-3733 offers cost-saving features that make it an economical choice for businesses. With its high-capacity ink cartridges, you can significantly reduce printing costs while maintaining consistent print quality. Furthermore, this printer is ENERGY STAR® certified, consuming less power and reducing your environmental footprint.

Eco Features

The WF-3733 incorporates several eco-friendly features that contribute to a greener office environment. It includes automatic double-sided printing, which helps reduce paper waste. Additionally, the printer’s ENERGY STAR certification ensures it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines, lowering power consumption and saving you money on electricity bills.


The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733 is a versatile and efficient all-in-one printer that excels in delivering superior print quality, versatile document handling, enhanced connectivity, and cost-effective operation. With its impressive features and user-friendly design, this printer is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a reliable and high-performing printing solution. Invest in the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733 and experience enhanced productivity and professional-quality printing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733 compatible with Mac and Windows?

Yes, the WF-3733 is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, providing seamless integration with various devices.

2. Can I print wirelessly from my smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely! The WF-3733 supports mobile printing, allowing you to print directly from your smartphone or tablet using compatible apps.

3. How often do I need to replace the ink cartridges?

The frequency of ink cartridge replacement depends on your printing volume. However, with the high-capacity ink cartridges of the WF-3733, you’ll enjoy longer printing periods before needing to replace them.

4. Does the WF-3733 support automatic duplex printing?

Yes, the WF-3733 supports automatic duplex printing, enabling you to print on both sides of the paper and save resources.

5. What is the warranty period for the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3733?

The WF-3733 comes with a one-year limited warranty, ensuring peace of mind and reliable support from Epson.